We spare no effort to achieve the social transformation our communities need through media relations, communications strategy, development, research & evaluation, marketing, branding & messaging, event planning, and digital communications.



  • Issue-based & electoral communications plans.
  • Strategic initiatives.
  • Qualitative & quantitative research.

We work with you to design a tailored  attention-grabbing campaign and implement winning strategies based on your project's specific goals and the target audiences’ needs, wishes and realities - not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.

We apply state-of-the-art and evidenced-based ongoing research to inform, tailor, and continually review the relevance and effectiveness of  strategies, approaches, and content.

Receive the support you need to strengthen your internal communications capabilities and capacity via training with the support from our expert staff so your team is always on point and on message.



  • Campaign identity.
  • Branded content for multiple channels.
  • Messaging and voice.
  • Public relations materials.
  • Storytelling videos – all formats.
  • Digital, radio, & TV ads.
  • Multicultural & multilingual content creation.

Whether you are starting from scratch or reimagining your existing brand, Communications Shop will work with you every step of the way to help you develop effective branding rooted in a compelling story that is reflective of your goals and values.

Stand out from the rest and maximize your effectiveness with eye-catching visuals, thought-provoking op-eds, clever animation, and other innovative communication products created for you by Communications Shop; especially tailored to reach your target audiences and achieve your project's goals.

A campaign is only as successful as its message - that's why we at Communications Shop are committed to working in close partnership with your team to develop thoughtful & impactful messaging, pitch it to the most strategic media and communications outlets to achieve your goals, and ensure positive results and outcomes.



  • Paid digital & traditional media campaigns.
  • Campaign ambassadors, influencer management.
  • Website design.
  • Digital management.
  • Media Relations.
  • Strategic partnerships – cross-movement & media.
  • Event planning & management.
  • Training: messaging, strategy, media relations, & digital.
  • Political mail.
  • Advocacy support.
  • Marketing support & SEO.

By leveraging relationships we have cultivated over decades, we help you build sustainable partnerships with media outlets to promote your project and expand your reach to new and potentially untapped audiences.

A winning campaign is a well-rounded one - we can help you expand your reach by harnessing the power of digital tools and manage your social media platforms, build your following, increase engagement, and create community by employing cutting-edge digital strategies and top-tier content.

Do you have a great message, but no traction in the press? We make sure your message and spokesperson reach your target audience by strategic one-on-one outreach with our extensive network of local, national, and international media contacts


  • Campaign performance & reach.
  • Brand visibility.
  • Programmatic impact.

Our team conducts ongoing and comprehensive analyses of all of our project's performance to monitor programmatic progress and cost-effectiveness and make adjustments as needed to assure that goals and objectives are being effectively and efficiently met.

We help you stay connected to the community and your target audience to ensure the relevancy of your project's messaging and strategies by conducting focus group discussions, observational research,  surveys, and other techniques,  in English and/or Spanish,  during planning and evaluation phases as appropriate.

Find out how you compare to your competitors with our in-depth pre- and post-analysis of your organization, business, or campaign's share of voice and visibility in your area of work - and receive our expert advice and support on how to improve your reach and results.

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