Case Studies

Our commitment is to be insistent, persistent, and unstoppable to evoke action to eradicate social and civic indifference.

SEIU Mailer Campaign
Nevada General Elections Political Campaign 2022
Working Parents Assistance (WPA)
Communications Strategy in Five Languages
Montgomery County, MD
Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar

Gaza is Palestine

Campaigns / Media Relations

Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar

Access to information / Campaigns / Health / Media Relations / Strategic Communications

Washington D.C. Office

Event Planning / Media Relations

Working Parents Assistance (WPA) Program

Access to information / Campaigns / Immigration

The Progressive Caucus Action Fund (PCAF)

Campaigns / Media Relations / Public Policy

Take Action For Puerto Rico

Media Relations / Public Policy / Puerto Rico


Immigration / Media Relations

McClellan, SEIU Mailer Campaign

Campaigns / Electoral / Politics

Wes Moore Campaign 2022

Campaigns / Electoral / Politics

Children’s Defense Fund – Seguro Texas

Campaigns / Media Relations

Bienvenidos -Branding Development, Messaging and Communications Products

Access to information / Campaigns / Immigration / Strategic Communications

Early Childhood Services

Access to information / Campaigns / Immigration

Alianza Americas – Media Relations and Coaching

Campaigns / Immigration / Media Relations

Rebranding SWAN

Campaigns / Strategic Communications


Campaigns / Health / Immigration

Keystone Counts Census Campaign

Access to information / Campaigns / Climate justice / Media Relations / Strategic Communications

Supporting Our Community – Telemundo Forum

Access to information / Media Relations

National LGBTQ Task Force Media Relations and Coaching

LGBTQ+ Rights / Media Relations / Strategic Communications

Latino/a Advocacy Day (LAD)

Event Planning / Public Policy

#Cancel Vaping

Campaigns / Media Relations

Nutrition for Growth Summit (N4G)

Campaigns / Media Relations

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