National LGBTQ Task Force

National LGTBQ Task Force Media Relations and Coaching

For the past 25 years, the National LGBTQ Task Force has been the leading organization working to advance full freedom, justice, and equality for LGBTQ people.  In expanding their work and advocacy to the Latino community, the organization recruited Communications Shop to help gain brand recognition and awareness, and become a public policy reference among Key Opinion Leaders on important issues such as gender discrimination, social and immigration justice, reproductive rights, and political power, among others.

Since March 2021, our work with the National LGBTQ Task Force has focused on assisting with communications strategies, media coaching, and news coverage, as well as providing guidance on a variety of materials for the Spanish-speaking LGBTQ community and the general public.  During this time, our firm was able to position its leaders in several media outlets, where they led the analysis, discussions, and important conversations on issues of national importance: reproductive rights (Univision), LGBTQ issues (Univision Orlando), Voting Rights (Hecho en California – Radio), VIH and LGBTQ health care (Voice of America), among others. This presence in media also included media training with their Spanish-speaking staff, and building capacity and skills through continuous individual coaching sessions.

Another important aspect of our work with the Task Force has been educating the community on the understanding of diversity and equality (Telemundo New England) and to break discrimination barriers against the LGBTQ community (El Tiempo Latino).  Communications Shop has guided this client in public discussions on gender identity, not just as the subject for news pieces, but also elevating the understanding of journalists to achieve a fair and inclusive coverage, as showcased during a live virtual discussion led by Communications Shop.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with this trailblazer organization on yet another critical aspect of their work: political power and action through the “Queer the Vote Campaign”.  Stay tuned for more news!

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