Plan Action

Nevada General Elections Political Campaign 2022

During the midterm election of 2022, Nevada proved to have a pivotal role; the re-election of Governor Sisolak and Senator Catherine Cortez Masto was essential for Democrats to hold onto, as Republicans were looking to recover power in congress and a majority in the Senate. Democrats needed to hold onto these seats to advance policies that have a direct positive impact on families, the environment, and the economy. Voters across Nevada also decided who would represent them in statewide offices: Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Attorney General. Low-propensity voters, Latinos and Black communities, and youth across the state of Nevada constitute an essential block of voters deciding who would win these elections.

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action Fund  – PLAN Action partnered with Communications Shop to create a communications digital campaign focused on educating these groups of voters on the issues that directly impact Nevadans and driving them to the polls.

Communications Shop developed and implemented a positive, fun, joyful, and very successful communications digital campaign, in English and Spanish, targeting primarily young Black and Latino communities. Communications Shop created motivational videos, radio spots, educational infographics, striking graphics, and digital ads, with an attractive and rejuvenated web home page where information was available and centralized for eligible voters. The final product reached approximately 5 MILLION potential voters and uplifted Plan Action Nevada’s amazing work and community impact with more than 15  earned media interviews in radio and TV and media coverage. As a result, 4 of 5 targeted seats were successfully held or gained.  

We celebrate PLAN Action’s trailblazers, who worked tirelessly to empower and mobilize #Nevadans to the polls and make their voices heard during the #MidtermElections! Their victories go beyond the ballot. We are proud to have been your partners in paving the way for progress, civic participation, and bringing closer the equitable future Nevadans deserve. 

For our work with Plan Action, we were nominated for five 2023 Reed Awards, including Creative Agency of the Year, Best Online Video: 30 Seconds or Under, Best Spanish Language: Direct Mail Piece, Best Spanish Language: Radio Ad, and Best Podcast or Streaming Audio Ad: For a Political Campaign. And we received a 2023 Reed Award for Best Podcast or Streaming Audio Ad: For a Political Campaign. 


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