Virtual Concert


In October 2020, NPNA hosted ‘RAKA THE VOTE!,’ a voter participation concert (GOTV) to engage and empower those living in the battleground state of Wisconsin and beyond, including newly naturalized first-time voters, to vote in the upcoming election. Communications Shop was responsible for the social media promotion and back-end coordination of the live event, using the StreamYard platform to bring Oakland, California band Los Rakas and The Browns Crew from Wisconsin to viewers across the state.

The Courage and Resilience slogan defined by Communications Shop and Strong Women Action Network for this campaign is focused on promoting the development of conferences, webinars, and coaching processes to generate a change in the labor systems to a more egalitarian approach.

Communications Shop played a key role in helping SWAN in the next step of reaching their goals including a long and short-term strategy that went from branding, and website development, to a 360 degrees campaign that included several channels of communication.