Who We Are


We work hand-in-hand as a familia, driven by our passion for creating campaigns to evoke action. We spare no effort to achieve the social transformation our communities need through media relations, communications strategy development, research & evaluation, marketing, branding & messaging, event planning, and digital communications.

Our commitment is to be insistent, persistent and unstoppable to evoke action to eradicate social and civic indifference. Flores Consulting, LLC, doing business since 2018 as a (DBA) Communications Shop, is a Latina-owned business proud to be a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council member.

What is moving us?

The desire to evoke action to eradicate social and civic indifference.

Our Vision

We are the best partner when it comes to moving the needle on social and civic issues.

Our mission on this planet

Create campaigns with impact to eradicate civic and social indifference.


Honesty is an essential part of our DNA, a value originated within ourselves as individuals and as a reflection of who we are as a team, to communicate our work truthfully, with respect and integrity, and to guide our relationships with our allies and the community.

We are committed to creating and maintaining tight-knit relationships in which our team and partners can communicate, trust, work, and support each other in mutual agreement and successfully achieve our goals within an environment of transparency and camaraderie.

Our work reflects the causes in which we believe and what we collectively wish to build. We spare no effort to achieve the social transformation that our communities need.

We are a team and a small community in which, as individuals, we fulfill a role based on our skills, and collectively we contribute a synergy of ideas and efforts to achieve specific communications objectives. Our work integrates, complements, and intertwines, thus advancing to communicate in a powerful, effective, and innovative way.

We firmly believe in the power of sensible communication, recognizing the individual and collective circumstances of the communities we represent and for which we want progress and opportunities. Our work is born from empathy and the perspective of the most vulnerable and needy, thus building bridges of inclusive communication, justice, and equity.

We recognize that people and the relationships we create around them are the core of our mission. We are not transactional; we operate sensibly and respectfully, open to new ideas and points of view, and pursue innovation that makes sense to people, partners, and our team. Our approach is to promote assertive communications to meet our collective goals.

Our commitment is to be insistent, persistent, and unstoppable to achieve change, transformation, and justice for all.

We aspire to create the extraordinary from the ordinary and make it part of our communication footprint to eradicate social indifference and generate action at all levels. We are convinced that to achieve change. We must unapologetically dream and create big to see our innovative ideas evoke action.

“The soul and essence of Communications Shop is leading with passion, for a purpose through innovation.”

Susana Flores
Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

It’s been amazing years of growth, learning, collaboration, and shared wins with over seventy campaigns that go from civic engagement (go out to vote) GOTV, political, census, social services, child care, health, and Covid-19; to immigration, reproductive, environmental and LGBTQ+ rights.

We look forward to many more years of impactful campaigns with all of you, our partners. We know the world is changing rapidly during these unprecedented times, and digital communication has become a powerful tool; at the same time, our focus is and always will be continuing to work with and for the people.

In May 2018, I fulfilled the dream of creating a Communications Shop committed to social change. Since then, we have been growing every year and creating a diversely talented team and collaborators of change-makers to provide comprehensive and professional services to our partners and clients.

This dream was triggered by the thoughts: “How can we contribute to the social justice movement and public sectors to inspire diverse communities to take action and create a change?” The answer was clear: Communications Shop -The Power of a Strategy-; a one-stop-shop partner that is able to analyze a specific community, understand its needs and challenges, and deliver the right message through the appropriate channels.

A few years later, our dedicated work is getting the initial fruits, including our first Emmy in 2020, two additional Emmys in 2021, the Muse Creative Awards 2022, the Vega Awards 2022, and most importantly, your continued partnership.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without your support. Therefore, our story honors those who work directly and relentlessly with our communities, creating a better world for all of us. Thanks truly for all the work you do.


Who We Are


Susana Flores

Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

Leda Hernandez

Director of Finance & Operation

Maria Rosa Jiménez

Campaign Coordinator

Marta Larra

Digital & Campaigns

Luisa Muñoz

Producer Director

Janice Báez

Project Manager Creative Team

Susana Mieses

Graphic Designer

Johan Carlos Serrano

Graphic Designer


Communications Shop is a minority and woman-owned business. Our ideas and work have left a mark around the United States, Puerto Rico, México, and El Salvador.

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