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2023 VA Elections

In the districts of Virginia, our campaign wasn’t just about creating messages; it was about fostering direct connections. We designed and delivered personalized mails in English and Spanish, reaching over 50,000 households. It wasn’t about flashy graphics but creating a direct line of communication with each resident, urging them to participate in the democratic process.

Our radio spots and videos, in English and Spanish, weren’t mere advertisements; they were straightforward calls to action resonating through local neighborhoods. The goal wasn’t just to broadcast messages but to encourage community members to participate in the upcoming elections actively. 

The impact was resounding — both candidates emerged victorious. Michael Feggans’ win in a historically Republican district marked a significant milestone. It wasn’t just about a political shift; it represented a triumph for policies that resonate with the working population, migrants, and vulnerable communities. The impressions on digital platforms, with over 90,763 on Meta and 545,689 on YouTube, speak volumes about the campaign’s reach. 

This campaign was not an isolated political strategy but a community-driven initiative, fostering empowerment through direct and personal engagement.