Over the years, CASA and Communications Shop have built a strong relationship,  united in ideology for a specific cause: the desire to evoke action to eradicate social and civic indifference.

In this new digital project, our teamwork consisted of creating creative social media calendars with catchy language and innovative graphic designs with visual impact to raise awareness of the community support projects in Virginia, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Throughout the four phases of the project, we created information amplification strategies for our community.

In addition to  social media management, we created content to celebrate Pride Month, including a video and several GIFs and graphics with the approach of a quick look at history that shows that the LGBTQIA+ community has existed in every place spanning history and human culture. They deserve to live, love, and be celebrated with dignity and respect now and always. 

Our work also included creating materials to encourage CASA staff to invite their friends and family to donate and subscribe to the CASA mailing list we created for this project, updating their website, and social media content about Movement Month, which is a month-long effort through which you can amplify the immigrant rights movement. Among others. 

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