At Communications Shop, our services go beyond campaigns and projects: we are a committed partner for all of your organization’s needs. We provide strategic expertise, innovative ideas, and a 360° approach to Communications.


Since 2018, Communications Shop has supported the Border Network for Human Rights in their communications and media relations needs, successfully elevating their advocacy work to local, regional, and national press and more importantly, among the borderland immigrant community.  

From strategy discussions to communications campaigns to educate and empower the public, to demanding human rights, immigrant justice and protections, and humane policies, we have also been a key team player for the BNHR during dire times -including the 2019 El Paso shooting, the COVID-19 pandemic, stricter US-Mexico border policies and an increase in excessive police and law enforcement use of force and abusive practices against immigrants and people of color.

More shots

Communications Shop proudly supported El Paso Firme, a memorial concert to pay respects to the victims and those injured individuals after the August 3rd, 2019 shooting. The event, which has been held yearly since, denounces gun violence, racism, white supremacy, and xenophobic practices, targeting vulnerable minorities. We’ve also supported 360°communications strategies, including media partnerships for several initiatives, such as citizenship workshops and fundraising efforts through Del Pueblo y Para El Pueblo (From the People and For the People) to help farm, domestic and immigrant workers, many of them undocumented, who saw their work hours reduced or their wages lost to the Covid-19 pandemic. Communications Shop also supported the BNHR during several manifestations, marches, and public awareness events, calling for an overhaul of the state and federal immigration laws and humane policies at the southern border, as well as Justice Tuesdays, a campaign to demand accountability to the local police department after for El Pasoans who have lost their lives or been subject of civil and human rights abuses.  


Communications Shop worked hand in hand with the NPNA to elevate key national campaigns mobilizing the community to become U.S. citizens and register to vote. Aside from innovative campaign content, we collaborated with digital and earned media tactics that allowed us to position the NPNA and its partners as a mediatic reference.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our firm partnered and coordinated with Telemundo flagship stations in New England, Philadelphia and Washington, DC for a virtual forum to help the Hispanic community navigate their daily life needs, providing experts from NPNA’s allied organizations and valuable resources to benefit Spanish-speaking audiences in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Similarly, our firm coordinated with El Tiempo Latino Newspaper in Washington, DC for a live virtual analysis on immigration ahead of the State of the Union in 2022, where NPNA had a vital role expanding the discussion to issues like DACA, citizenship, Immigration Reform, and more.    

Our work as a 360° communications partner extended to media relations, with campaigns such as Naturalize 2 Million by 2022, with press reports registered in states like CaliforniaNevadaWashington State and many more, and New American Voters, which attracted media attention in all corners of the country (TexasNew YorkNevadaFloridaArizonaNorth CarolinaCaliforniaPennsylvaniaNew MexicoGeorgia), and at a national level, emphasizing on their immense political power of ne citizens that proved to be decisive in the 2022 midterm election. 

Beyond our work with the press, Communications Shop guided the NPNA team through their logo rebranding, and provided communications policy expertise, leading to position this partner as a key opinion leader in media and digital platforms, as well as strategic communications products to enhance its brand and programs. 

We also provided media and storytelling training to uplift the inspiring stories of refugees, DACA participants, and migrants of different ethnic backgrounds, who represent the heart and soul of the work of NPNA and its partner organizations and have led communications, media relations, digital and event coordination services for the National Immigrant Inclusion Conference (NIIC) since 2019.

Poder Latinx

As the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, Hispanics have demonstrated to be influential in all aspects of daily life, including on the civic and electoral participation front. Ahead of the 2020 presidential election and continuing to serve as a trusted partner for the January 2021 Georgia Runoff and the 2022 midterm election, Communications Shop supported Poder Latinx’s work, before and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.  

From strategizing messaging for advocacy efforts and lobbying to earned and paid media opportunities and partnerships, Communications Shop also supported Poder Latinx in growing their brand footprint in the media and digital landscapes, prioritizing key states of Florida, Arizona, and Georgia, including elevating its spokespersons as Key Opinion Leaders to provide sound media analysis for issues relevant to the community.  Our work extended to training their spokespersons and field teams for media opportunities and storytelling, strategizing for successful public outreach with creative content beyond politics, such as immigration, citizenship, and other social justice issues.


Our work with EcoMadres has given Communications Shop an opportunity to position the urgent topic of climate justice at the center of mediatic discussion in Spanish media.  Latinos and people of color are receiving the greatest impact of air and environmental pollution, accelerating climate change. Raising awareness of this impact has been our main goal with this partner, but we also focused on elevating their brand to position EcoMadres as a trusted media source

Our role has been to help uplift their work, assist empowering civic participation from Latino communities on climate justice, and promote their brand via social media and the press, as well as to provide media and storytelling training for this team of talented leaders from across the country, and to provide strategic communications tactics to impact both the community and the public opinion. Through our work, we have facilitated connections with other organizations to work together towards the same climate justice goals. 

Today, we are proud to say that they’ve expanded their footprint in key media outlets, and beyond that, becoming a trusted source for the press.  Our media relations work strategically expanded to include mainstream media, which we will continue to do in the coming months.

Latino Health Initiative 

Communications Shop has been working closely with the Latino Health Initiative in Montgomery County, Maryland since 2020, developing communications and awareness strategies to reach the Spanish-speaking community who were severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our firm had the honor of joining the multi-sector partnership Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar, to uplift prevention efforts, promote access to services and public health information, COVID-19 vaccination, and empower the community through curated, culturally relevant messaging. 

Our scope of work with this partner included organizing focus group to learn the needs of the community and developing a 360° competent communications plan, which included a public service campaign featuring animated characters that became a staple in the local Latino community and that has earned our firm 4 Emmy awards from the NATAS-Capital Region Chapter. Communications Shop also spearheaded the development of a bilingual online webpage, which provided a wide array of information, resources, and information for the public, as well as the creation of social media content that expands from information and interactive content, including creative strategies to educate community members of all agespromoting Covid-19 preventionvaccination, and dispel myths and misinformation, to virtual information with health experts and a social services professionals, to media partnerships with the local Washington, DC Univision station, earned and paid media strategies, to public health events that included a Street Theater (Teatro Callejero) initiative.  

In collaboration with the Montgomery County Press office, our firm also coordinated press events and guided this partner to communications efforts until December 2022, when Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar program ended. The successful work of Communications Shop with the Latino Health Initiative opened doors to continue working beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and in January 2023 started providing our expert advice to another of their services: the Asthma Prevention Program.

Through this program, we continue to lead content creation, earned and paid media materials, and more.