UTC – Prince George’s Community College

Higher education is one part of the formal and professional training of individuals that promotes self-discovery, gives students a new perspective of the world, fosters personal development and prepares people to play a productive role in society. For these reasons, Communications Shop, in keeping with its values, is honored to work with and be part of the University Town Center Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) community.

Communications Shop designed and deployed a successful digital campaign to maximize outreach. The products we created were youthful and high-energy, specifically created to draw the attention of people seeking to further their education. The library of content included graphics, flyers, scriptwriting, and the production of innovative videos on education programs and paths for social networks.

Because of the successful results of our joint work, PGCC has trusted Communications Shop once more to lead and develop the communication campaign to  invite current and potential students to pursue quality education and open new paths for a brighter future.

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