We Are Home

Media Relations

The We are Home campaign was created in 2021, made out of a coalition of organizations calling on the Biden administration and Congress to take immediate action to protect over 11 million immigrants who call the United States their home by creating a path to citizenship and transforming its immigration system. It also called to end inhumane processes in its interior detention and deportation systems and to recognize the humanity and rights of immigrants, unifying families and making America a true home for all.

Communications Shop had the opportunity to support this campaign during the Spring of 2022 on the media relations and communications messaging fronts. On the one hand, we promoted among the media and provided assistance for news coverage during May Day 2022, both in Washington, DC, and across the country. Our work made it possible to uplift the work of several We Are Home partner organizations during those events. Our firm also supported the We Are Home campaign partners during the TPS Week of Action in May of 2022, serving as a liaison with the press covering Congress in Washington, DC, by facilitating access to spokespersons and TPS beneficiaries from different countries who wanted to share their compelling stories with reporters.   Communications Shop also supported drafting topline messages for the coalition of the campaign partners in order to have uniform asks for members of Congress and stakeholders during these events.

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