Welcome With Dignity



Following decades of the slow dismantling of the U.S. asylum system, the Welcome With Dignity campaign was launched in an effort to shift the narrative and center the dignity and humanity of those fleeing danger. The campaign sought to protect migrants fleeing violence and persecution and defend the rights of those seeking asylum at the southern border.  Communications Shop partnered with the Welcome With Dignity campaign beginning in August 2022 to change the narrative and images associated with asylum by building a robust digital footprint for the campaign. 

The goal was to position Welcome With Dignity as the one-stop shop for communities to receive information about asylum at the southern border. Our digital, graphics, and media teams produced, shared, and posted daily quality content on digital platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. We worked with partners, local organizations, and influencers to increase the campaign’s social media reach and engagement. 

Thanks to this coordinated effort, we grew the campaign’s social media presence and followers on all digital platforms by an average of 20% within two months. Instagram and Twitter grew by 30% and 10% respectively. Instagram content interactions increased by 151%, and Twitter’s engagement rate was 3.6%, overshooting our goal of 3%.


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