(WPA) Program

Working Parents Assistance

Child care expenses can be very challenging for families, and working or studying parents are part of the local economic development. 

The Montgomery County Working Parent Assistance (WPA) Program in Maryland is a county-sponsored program committed to helping eligible county residents pay for child care. 

Communications Shop led the WPA communications strategy, including branding, messaging, and products-development during the first six months of the campaign launch. The goal was to ensure that all community members were aware of the benefits of using an understandable and welcoming tone. 

Considering that Montgomery County, MD, is a diverse county,  the critical success was developing a communications campaign in the five languages predominantly spoken in the county. As a result, we were able to develop an innovative communication strategy and creative products such as posters, brochures, videos, radio PSA, bus advertisements, digital content, and a multilingual digital toolkit for partners to reach out and provide culturally appropriate information to the English, Spanish, Amharic, Vietnamese and French-speaking communities about the services accessible to parents or legal guardians, which is a fundamental support for the comprehensive development of the county.

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