Anti-Malarya campaign conceptualization

MCD Global Health

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In the challenging malaria control effort on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, MCD Global Health was pivotal in conceptualizing a comprehensive communications plan for Social Behavior Change. The initiative aimed to heighten awareness, improve treatment adherence, and foster community participation in malaria elimination efforts. MCD enlisted Communications Shop to craft and conceptualize an anti-Malarya campaign.

The “Bye-bye Mosquito” a comprehensive and culturally sensitive anti-malaria campaign in Equatorial Guinea, was designed strategically to achieve a mosquito-free future for residents by 2027. Through a combination of social media engagement, traditional media outreach, and on-the-ground activities, the campaign aimed to increase early diagnosis and treatment, diminish larval habitats, and promote preventive measures like net use and IPTp among vulnerable groups. The campaign employed a unique character, Anopheles, as a villainous symbol, personifying the threat of malaria and making the health issue more relatable.

This project involves a development process:

  • Cultural  & Historical Research.
  • Focus group.
  • Campaign Research.
  • Define clear and measurable goals with a timeline.
  • Campaign Conceptualization:
    • Data collection, monitoring, Evaluation, goals, indicators, messenger, campaign name and slogan, audience x-ray, key messages, campaign look and feel, and tactics per audience.
  • Annual Communications Plan.
  • Year Content Calendar.

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