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In 2023, Communications Shop produced an informative campaign to alert the Latino community about the dangers of fentanyl and the resources available in Montgomery County. The goal of the Latino Health Initiative (LHI) is to improve the quality of life of Latinos living in Montgomery County. Since 2000, LHI as been addressing the health, language, economic, and professional disparities impacting Latinos by developing innovative programs responding to their needs.

Communications Shop created a targeted campaign to inform parents and guardians of minors about the dangers of Fentanyl, including tips on how to detect if their children were using fentanyl, how to talk to their kids about it, and how to prevent fentanyl use by young teens. 



Communications Shop produced two videos and two radio PSAs in English and Spanish. The products were broadcast on the local television station, two popular English radio stations, and digital radio.

The content was also distributed organically on LHI’s social networks.  As part of this campaign, Communications Shop coordinated the production of 

5 branded content segments in Univision. 

Asthma prevention is one of the programs of LHI. Communications Shop produced a short video to inform Latino parents about the training and resources available for Montgomery County residents.

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