Creating Change conference

National LGBTQ Task Force

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#CreatingChange: a key conference for the LGBTQ+ movement. Building a future where the entire LGBTQ+ community is free to be themselves in every aspect of their lives is the goal of the annual Creating Change conference. Communications Shop joined the National LGBTQ Task Force during a political, leadership and skills-building event to highlight its importance through the media.

The media strategy consisted of educating reporters and producers about the work of the National LGBTQ Task Force and building relationships with media outlets that cover the LGBTQ movement. Initially, we drafted talking points for the organization’s spokespeople and trained them on how to speak to the media effectively and confidently.

We then focused on reaching out to radio hosts, news stations producers and reporters from newspapers. Working hand in hand with social media influencers was also key to promoting the conference, so we collaborated with an influencer on the creation and production of reels for Instagram. The media response was excellent, and we are proud to have made such a positive impact on this great event.

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